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The symbolism of the tree reminds of Psalms 1:3 “You’re a tree replanted in Eden, bearing fresh fruit every month, never dropping a leaf, always in blossom.”  Ezek. 47:12 further explains that these supernatural qualities are because the water comes from God’s sanctuary. Therefore the fruit shall be for food and the leaves for healing.

The word makarios originates from the Greek which is translated as, mak-ar’-ee-os. It is a prolonged form of the poetical µa´?a? makar (meaning the same); supremely blessed; by extension fortunate, well off, happy (ier), to be envied, and spiritually prosperous – with life-joy and satisfaction in God’s favor and salvation, regardless of outward conditions. We see ‘community’ as a blessed environment that operates in harmony in all dimensions.

The Cloete-family has been involved in community upliftment for the past 10 years. Their experience involves the Financial arena and banking; Operational Consulting; Occupational Therapy & child development; marketing; sports and recreational management, media involvement, hospitality, community services, hosting family camps and serving full-time as a pastoral couple. We are the founders of  “Jireh Dream Builder’s Foundation” and “Makarios Communities.” We’re also involved in the Hospitality industry and currently owns a Guesthouse which also serves as a ministry to people in need of rest or a ‘safe landing’ during a time of transition.

We have counseled countless individuals and couples over many years and share a passion for the restoration of families – crucial to the upliftment and healthy moral fiber of the nation.  Our combined talents and abilities developed over the past 25 years, counts for a wealth of knowledge to make this venture a success. We have extensive networks in the business-, sport- and ministry environment.

We see our roles as facilitators and coordinators in various projects – establishing 100 self-sustained communities over Africa. We believe that we have a base for strong national- and international networking and coordination through our partners, as well as through many other individuals that we have networked with over the past years. We also believe that in seeing the establishment, multiplication and fruit of these communities, people of all walks of life will be encouraged to discover their true calling and purpose in life.

We believe that we are building another kind of “ARK“, like in the days of Noah.  We see the name ARK as: “Acts of Random Kindness” to the nations.  This will catapult a fresh inspirational move in helping others to fulfill their purpose and dreams in life. In so doing, many people will be enabled to move to a new level of significance and quality of life – fulfilling their hearts desire and passion which will also contribute towards the well-being of their community and nation/s.

The hot topics of discussion in our country are land reformation, housing, educational problems, crime, health services, depletion of essential resources and job creation in alleviating poverty! Although the latest statistics show that the target in land reforms of 30% has already been achieved, the land reforms act still places a dark cloud over farmers. Many South Africans – especially farmers, have a negative expectation of their future. As input costs soars, the production of abundant food resources becomes very expensive and unattainable for farmers – impacting their crucial roll in society very negatively. We have traveled along many kilometers of farmland and even visited farms on the market – seeing a lot of under-productiveness… In some of these instances we saw houses built but a lack in agricultural/industrial development to make it sustainable. We have the opportunity to involve farmers in making a difference over the next couple of years.

The key to restoration lies in the fair and legal distribution of resources plus in skills-transfer between white majority land-owners/farmers and other underprivileged people of all cultures. This includes:

  • funds from corporate businesses; governmental- or banking institutions and even from individuals with vision,
  • the sharing of land-ownership and the voluntary equipping of new farmers and business entrepreneurs,
  • Entrepreneurs/business experts sowing time and effort into communities – establishing these small ventures which will in return create job opportunities and finances for a countless number of people.

In establishing these communities, most of the above hot topics will be addressed. Farmers have a wealth of information and expertise which can be utilized in a focused effort towards the establishment these communities. The communities will endeavor to be self-sustained through a variety of agricultural- and industrial projects.  Socio-emotional, financial-material, physical- and spiritual needs will be fulfilled through communal living! Food will be produced by the residents; houses and schools will be erected and recreational activities provided. Basic medical care can be organized in coordination with the dept. of health /provincial hospitals & clinics /private sector. We’re confident that in this current economic atmosphere, many skillful people without proper jobs, will come to the table – offering their expertise in a wholehearted effort to make a difference.  We believe numerous individuals are waiting to be mobilized!  The main objective is that the community will be responsible for establishment of their quality of living in these dimensions.

We believe in this country and its people. We also believe that South-Africa and the continent of Africa can be transformed into a breadbasket – as in the days of Joseph during the famine in Egypt. God has called this nation to serve as an example and beacon of hope in the way we face challenges together as a rainbow nation.  The true meaning of the rainbow should be upheld at all cost:  to endeavor not to destroy each other again!

Andre & Christa Cloete 

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