Directors: Andre, Christa and Roald Cloete

The Cloete-family has been involved in community upliftment for more than 10 years. Their experience involves the Financial arena and banking; Operational Consulting; Occupational Therapy & child development; marketing; sports and recreational management; media involvement; hospitality; community services; hosting family camps and serving full-time as a pastoral couple. We are the founders of Makarios Communities and “Jireh dream builder’s foundation” and have a Guesthouse that also serves as a ministry to people in need of a ‘safe landing’ during a time of transition.

We have counseled countless individuals and couples over many years and share a passion for the restoration of families – crucial to the up-liftment and healthy moral fiber of the nation.  Our combined talents and abilities – developed over the past 25 years, counts for a wealth of knowledge to make this venture a success. We have extensive networks in the business-; sport-; farming- and ministry environment.

We see our roles as facilitators and coordinators of various projects. We believe that we have a base for strong national- and international networking and coordination through our partners, as well as through many other individuals which we have networked with over the past years. We also believe that the establishment of these communities will multiply as people discover their calling and purpose and in seeing the fruit of this mission.

We believe that we are building another “ARK”, like in the days of Noah.  We see the name ARK as: “Acts of Random Kindness” to the nations.  Only true, practical love can destroy the evil on earth…  This will catapult a fresh and new inspirational and national move in helping others to fulfill their purpose and dreams in life. In so doing, many people will be enabled to move to a new level of significance and quality of life – fulfilling their heart’s desire and passion – which will also contribute towards the well-being of the nation.

Roald is our eldest son. He qualified at the University of Johannesburg obtaining his B. Eng. Mech. He is currently working for Amec Minproc as a Junior Engineer. Roald has been involved in Community Upliftment for many years, having a heart for the poor.

Director: Jack Probart

Jack Probart is the CEO of Affluence Capital, a Global Wealth Management firm with office in Bryanston & George.  The business was founded by him in 2004 and offers portfolio management and financial planning services to primarily private clients.   He also has investments in commercial property and is on the boards of a few property companies. He is currently setting up an Aquaponics business (Eden Aquaponics).  This business will focus on commercial farming of fish, vegetables and fruit, based on hydroponic and organic farming principles making use of alternative energy methods.  The business’ vision is to make a significant contribution to food security, community upliftment and job creation in South Africa.   The Aquaponics business will form part of a greater commission in community upliftment under Makarios Communities (a public benefit company) helping poor communities to become self sustainable.

Director: Mark Uren

Detail will follow

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