Vision & Mission


Our vision is the planting and/or networking of a 100 self-sustainable communities in rural South Africa that will continue and expand into Africa. We will achieve this through collaboration of networks and voluntary skilled people that have a passion for certain industry(ies) or segment of the population. We plan on distributing wealth to all who are willing to make a success of these projects for their own well-being as well as the well-being of their nation.


It is our mission to create an opportunity for every person who has a dream and a willing heart & hands. Every human being has three basic needs:

The need:

  1. to belong;
  2. to be secure
  3. to be successful / significant in life.

Community life will address these needs and will help to fulfill every person’s passion and dream to achieve God’s plan for their lives.

God is busy raising Joseph’s and Daniel’s to bring creative solutions to end-time problems. Resource shortages will allow these Joseph’s and Daniel’s to step forward and bring solutions to these issues.

God has given us a Biblical pattern of community life. Through the ages, man has drifted away from this model, becoming selfish, greedy and self-centered in its drive to be self-sufficient as an individual entity.  In His infinite grace, God has not given up on us.  The proof of His faithful commitment towards us can (among other things) be found in this visible new global move through which multiple communities will be established.  Together, we will address critical issues in physical, material, emotional, spiritual and financial needs.

Our paths have crossed with many carrying this passionate vision – through which transformation is certain.  It’s an ancient Pathway revisited in a new way…

“LORD, help!” they cried in their trouble, and He saved them from their distress.
Let them praise the LORD for His great love and for all His wonderful deeds to them.
Let them exalt Him publicly before the congregation and before the leaders of the nation.
He brings the hungry to settle and build their cities.
They sow their fields, plant vineyards, and harvest their bumper crops.
How He blesses them!
They raise large families there,
and their herds of cattle increase.
Those who are wise will take all this to heart;
… will see in our history, the faithful love of the LORD.”  [Words from Psalms 107]

                                             written by Andre & Christa Cloete


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