Community Development

Makarios communities and Dream Builders Foundation is the very heart of our passion. Self-sustainable community life that integrate rural up-liftment is the driver for this vision. In the process, many dreams will be fulfilled. Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you. James 1:27 (NLT)

The Objective is to return to the Original plan God intended for mankind. Love comes through an action of sharing what you have – with those who lack. This is not just money, but heartfelt care; information, skill; wealth, knowledge, experience, etc.

Acts 4:32-35 testify to the possibility and realness of such a lifestyle:

”All the believers were of one heart and mind, and they felt that what they owned was not their own; they shared everything they had… there was no poverty among them, because people who owned land or houses sold them and brought money to the apostles to give to others in need.”

2 Corinthians 8: 11-14 teach us:  “… give whatever you can according to what you have … God wants you to give what you have, not what you don’t have.  Of course, I don’t mean you should give so much that you suffer from having too little.  I only mean that there should be some equality.  Right now you have plenty and can help them.  Then at some other time they can share with you when you need it.  In this way, everyone’s needs will be met.”

The short term objective is to start a community(ies), serving as a “blue print / proto-type” for the area.

The long term objective is the duplication of this “blue print” – to multiply countless Makarios communities (100 communities) in the rural areas all over South Africa and Africa.  The upliftment of the disadvantaged and the creation of opportunities for all in need will be met through this mission.  All who are willing to work wholeheartedly and to contribute towards this common goal and unity will be welcomed!  True religion is specifically also to help the orphan and widow and every community will be challenged to make a difference – in actively taking care of these members of society in their surrounding geographical area.

Vision & Mission

Numerous farms have already been allocated to previously disadvantaged communities. Due to a lack of knowledge and skills, these farms are mostly unproductive. There are many examples of these cases in South Africa and Africa. Food security is already at a critical low point in the world. We need to identify and pursue these fertile farming lands where there are resources, and start setting up these communities

These communities will be established on allocated land [government property/private farmers – believing in the beneficiary qualities of this vision] – which will allow for every participating family to build their own house in allocated village(s) – as directed / funded / aided by a managing board. Every person must make a positive contribution to the community in order to earn the right to stay on the land. A financial work-group will establish a fair system of profit sharing and reimbursement – based on Biblical principles and in conjunction with legal advisors.  Assistance will be given in the over-seeing of projects; book-keeping and payment of taxes.  This in itself will contribute to further the creation of job opportunities and/or the expansion of existing businesses in these fields of professional expertise.

The agricultural produce will answer the need for food – as far as possible, and will be grown by individuals on their own allocated land. Farming God’s Way is one of the programs that will be introduced. This program is very user friendly and cost effective and will be managed and monitored by skilled people – helping the community.

This move inspires co-operation between neighboring communities to work together and to assist one another in sustainable farming.  The sharing of expertise and assets (for example expensive tractors or other implements) between neighbouring communities (through working agreements) will be encouraged in commercial farming – securing sustainability in cost cutting for higher profitability.

Small factories will be erected on the farms/land and locals will be assisted in job creation and training – generating income for the individuals, as well as for the community. Surplus funds will be used to provide services like education, recreation, electricity and other resource demands. It can also be utilized in the establishment of neighboring communities / “Kingdom-work”. The exploration of the climate and natural resources available in the community/district, will determine the nature of these agricultural / industrial projects.

These industrial projects can include:

  • organic fertilizer & distribution
  • natural spring water bottling factories
  • butcheries
  • soap and candle factories
  • arts and crafts
  • brickworks
  • wrought-iron works
  • building projects
  • wood work projects / carpentry
  • charcoal manufacturing
  • clothing/linen factories
  • essential oils and natural cosmetics
  • food preserves
  • manufacturing of jewelry
  • any other creative business venture that flows from the resources / primary products available on farms

Secondary job creation / produce can flow from “by-products.” Ventures like: communal kitchens- and dining areas will need chefs; teachers and care takers will be appointed for the crèches / schools; vegetable/herb gardens (Farming God’s Way) will be planted; then there’s transport services; sports coaching; cleaning/domestic services; appointment of security guards; clothing-projects; hairdressing, etc. which can also be a natural outflow of these communities. The sky is literally the limit.

This can also serve as a totally new/fresh “reality” experience for tourists!  These communities can become guest farms and learning grounds for those wanting to join the move – wherever they are situated.

The communities will not only benefit society with a greater production of life necessities, but they will also be encouraged to exchange their produce between one another.  Acknowledging that the communities will produce diversely; they will be able to provide in one another’s shortages through exchange commerce. These farms will be like “Ark’s” that will bring salvation to many.


The heart to bring transformation to this country was birthed over many years. We have both left our full-time occupations to pursue this dream. We have also been in full-time ministry for the past 9 years and walked in faith for provision over the past three and a half years – to absolutely get the Father’s heart for our calling. We have had countless prophetic dreams, visions and scriptures confirming every word that is written in this document.  We have recently discerned that the period of waiting was over and that God would send us into the phase of mobilization. God has promised to make us debt-free and recently we received a prophecy that we would receive finances to start these projects in Lydenburg, Cornelia, George, Bloemfontein, Brits and in the Western Cape. These projects will be the blue print that will initiate 100 self-sustained communities all over South Africa and Africa. We believe that we have established a network of available workers to make this a success.  These individuals will also add themselves to this vision over time…

Our primary calling lies in Leadership training & mentoring and building healthy families & relationships through healing and deliverance.  We also have a strong passion and anointing in the hospitality industry and marketplace ministry.  These attributes will be integrated in all community building and –transformation efforts, understanding that it can only remain standing when build on God’s Sovereign Word and backed by the power of prayer and Heaven’s blessings.

Andre & Christa

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