Projects in the pipeline

Projects already in the pipeline are:

A. Project 1 – Beulah Land Western Cape

Stanford. We recently moved to Stanford (2014) in the Western Cape area. We scouted this area in 2012 and visited some farms that were for sale in this area. We have found potential farms that will function perfectly to roll out this vision. As our strength is ministry and hospitality, we are searching for land that accommodates these skills and expertise. We have years of experience in the hospitality industry that combines with marketplace ministry. This will also help for the project to be self-sustainable. Stanford Beulah Land Project

This land will operate as a Community Project – as already addressed in the main vision, but will focus on:

Community village with small business opportunities. We would like to develop a reality experience of community life. We have lost the art of creativity and community living. This area will be a buzz of activity and will be open to the public over weekends and some selected weekdays. We will invite entrepreneurs/artists/sports professionals to work / teach a variety of skills to individuals and children. This area will encourage families to spend quality times together – bringing unity into families and enjoying life again. There will be a communal kitchen and dining-area shared by residents and visitors as well as ablution blocks and recreational areas for physical exercise/arts/sports.

The Business park type development will have residents/tenants, who would feel inspired to become part of such a unique way of community life and will have small/medium enterprise businesses and will stay on top of their businesses in small apartments.  They will be required to pay a fair rent – which will also help with income to maintain the land/buildings or to further developments! They will furnish and manage their own businesses [with/without the managing board’s financial assistance].  Monthly accountability to the board will however be expected, with the purpose of advisory support.

Communal Ministry hall/Wedding venue: I believe that the wedding venue will be critical to the sustainability of this community. We have encountered many people living together in sin and not getting married – due to lack of finances and the availability of less expensive venues. We would like to offer this venue especially to young couples at a reasonable rate. Different packages will be in place to cater for the needs of rich and poor.  Christa has already started with a wedding dress collection. [We have recently helped two couples, one from the Cameroon and the other from Limpopo, with a wedding at our Guesthouse. The  couple from Cameroon were married years ago in court with no photo’s, etc. We arranged these events as “Jireh Dream Builder’s Foundation” projects (with the aid of others) and blessed them with a special event which they can always fondly remember. This facility would also be utilized for training programs/camps.

Community Social Development: We would like to focus on creating opportunities for willing and/or poor people; potential entrepreneurs; orphans and widows. Feeding, clothing and providing in basic needs will always be high on the priority list. We also have a connection with ministries called “Living Ball” and “Kidz Play”. They bring social upliftment/ life-coaching in the area of sport and recreation. We would like to involve business people and farmers with skill and resources in this community drive.

We would also like to appoint one of the living-units in the “old-era” village to a single mothers/couple – willing to parent about 5 – 6 orphans per mother/couple from the immediate surrounding community.  These children will either be taken to the nearest public school in town OR enrolled in Home school; and the extended community will be encouraged to “adopt-a-child” via financial contributions for a specific child’s personal needs.

It is Makarios Communities’ vision to invite the skill of retired people to the table.  They have a treasure of wisdom and knowledge which can benefit the younger generations.  Many youngsters do not know what it is to have a grandfather/mother…  Society should consist functionally out of 3 – 4 generations!

New Dawn Feeders – Live stock: We would have to accumulate a number of cattle + have chicken-farming [broiler house] for community consumption and also for commerce.  This will also create job-opportunities and additional revenue. We will be looking to rent/buy additional land available in the area for extra livestock [eg. cattle]. New Dawn Feeders have a Business Plan for Backgrounding Weaners and will offer the following: New Dawn Feeders Presentation Johan Jacobs Final

  • New Dawn Feeders will be supplying Certified Free Range Grass-Fed weaners to existing feedlots and abattoirs in and around South Africa
  • Our aim is to grow the South-African market and expand our products and services to the overseas market
  • Our Innovative feeding system allow for 4.5 cycles per year and guarantee a continual process
  • Effective rotation of animals in a dense environment helps with good soil and graze management

Everything in this plan will benefit the community at large.

In the nearby area, closer to Cape Town, we would like to extend our ministry with orphans and widows. We had a prophetic dream of a small Hotel-type building for orphans and soft landing place [army barracks style] for struggling families / young adults without a sufficient income to make them independent in society. The orphanage will house many children in need of a hopeful future in our rainbow nation. We are already linked up with FOUR ministries in the Western Cape and know SEVERAL couples with many years of experience – which can be utilized in this specific vision.  Most of these ministries are already involved in the colored communities of Cape Town.  I have requested the one pastor to scout for a building in the area that God showed my wife in this prophetic dream.  I was actually surprised about the detail of the dream.  As she described the detail that she saw, I was reminded of a military base “Youngsfield” in my army days.  The location of the base, as I recall it, correlates with the prophetic dream.  Recently we saw the state of some military bases on a news report and realized that these abandoned bases have much infrastructure to offer!  It comprises of hostels, small flats, sport fields, offices, etc.  Fruit and vegetable/herb gardens can be planted here and small/medium enterprise businesses can also be introduced to these places of safety.

Projects like:

  • Vegetable and herb gardens
  • Feeding scheme
  • Clothing and furniture bank
  • Laundromat and hairstylists
  • Crèche and schooling facilities, etc.
  • Variety of recreational activities

Christa also vividly saw in this same prophetic dream, a huge Entertainment Center for healthy recreation and adventure – keeping youth from boredom and out of the streets/shopping malls. This entertainment center can serve as free therapy for the above mentioned individuals but it can definitely also be a key money-spinner as you also open it up to the general public!  We envision trained life-coaches being dispersed to work among these youths at the entertainment center. The prophetic dream showed that this entertainment center was situated somewhere between the barracks and the orphanage-hotel BUT it’s not to say that the barracks; entertainment center and orphanage hotel will necessarily be situated in the same geographical area. God will show where… and roll it out in His good time because He is famous for being passionately committed to the establishment of His plans!

Sport and recreation can include the following:

  • Soccer, rugby, baseball, learn to swim, hockey, tennis etc
  • Rock climbing, skate-park, bicycle track, etc.

B. Project 2: Integra, Leadership Training and Social Development 

Hawston. Multi-purposeTraining area. We would like to build a training facility that can take 300 people. We have identified a like-minded people of Hawston that have a heart for teaching and equipping of Children and ministry leaders. We could use this as a secular training facility and small group mentoring.

Training would include:

  • Bible College training
  • Life skills (Spirit-filled & Biblical foundation)
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Healthy family living and values
  • Healing and deliverance
  • Integra Primary School learners Gr1-7. Maths, Eng and Afr
  • Pathway from success to significance

Integra Powerpoint Hawston Projek

C. Project 3 – Sewing and Embroidering Project


  • Ria is a pillar of strength and inspiration in her community
  • Worcester has very low employment in the Community. Ria stays in the poorest of the poor area. As already mentioned, she has been a “mother”-figure for her community. She has also ministered locally and Internationally. Her testimony as an ex-drug-lord in the W Cape flats, have opened doors for her to minister and help these areas with understanding and insight. They have even made a film about her testimony.
  • We have previously helped Ria with sewing machines which she bought for an outreach in Malawi and in Worcester.
  • With assistance from our network of experts, we can successfully help this community to operate as a training and commercial sector. This upliftment project can operate as a self-sufficient enterprise.
  • The expansion of this project can lead to a broader vision of food-security, education, etc. [also supported/funded by profits from the Sewing- & Embroidery Centre]. It is Ria’s “Blue-Sky local community village” vision to marry this Sewing & Embroidery Center with projects like:

*vegetable tunnels & fruit orchards for the selling of fresh & preserved products

*Egg & Broiler  production [ Ria has this fun idea where tourists/client’s can run & catch their own chicken which are then slaughtered in a little abattoir ‘on-site’]

*To have a ‘farm/ road stall’-style shop & restaurant – utilizing the fresh produce as well as other local produce. The restaurant will also have a conference area and she wants to groom her sewing and embroidery center to be so sufficient that conference attendees/ clients can just come in for measurements and have their selection in the “clothing range’ created within a short space of time.

Ria Dreyer Sewing and Embroidery Project fINAL

D. Project 4  Mahikeng

Colin –

  • has been doing groundwork in Mafikeng for the past seven years. He has various key relationships in the area, of which the most important for this project is with Million (the owner of the land on which the Training Centre will be). Million has lived and worked in Mafikeng for the past 28 years, knows and loves the community and understands their needs and language.
  • has 20 years training and pastoring experience
  • has been involved in a vast verity of community development projects stretching over different cultural groups
  • has experience in personal development in both corporate and community settings
  • goal is to start up the project and empower the local people to ultimately change the lives of people and the communities they live in.

Lara –

  • has a degree in Industrial Sociology and have worked closely with Colin for the past 16 years in various ministry endeavor’s. Her heart and motivation is to empower, equip and transform teams in different communities in order for them to reach their God-given vision with joy and efficiency.

We are focused in this project on putting various tools in the hands of the community members in order for them to actively and purposefully work towards being self-sustaining

The end goal would be to have this project completely owned and run by the community in Mafikeng

Mafikeng Presentation Final


We have numerous contacts with like-minded visionaries that we met over the past couple of years. There are many opportunities, available people and land that we can connect with. We have friends already released into Africa doing similar up-liftment projects. These friends are already active in countries like Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and others. We are connected with them and would like to support them in whatever way God makes possible. I believe these community will become interlinked and that a barter system could develop over time between these communities. This can be produce, ideas, skills, etc.


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