Jireh Dream Builders Foundation

The birth of Jireh Dream Builders Foundation!

The morning of 17 June 2007 [Father’s day] I was praying in our lounge at Silver Birch Guesthouse with a fur-blanket wrapped around my shoulders… and I was praying in tongues the whole time and communing with the LORD in the Spirit.  I knew that the thoughts and plans and connective scriptures flowing through my mind (heart) were the Holy counsels of the Lord and I just realized at that moment that “Jireh Dream Builders Foundation” was perhaps THE Purpose for which God has created me.

The Lord told me that many of His people are crying out to Him in prayer for help in the fulfillment of their God-given dreams and purposes. Many of these dreams and visions have the well-being and salvation of many others in mind! He also told me that many of the Kings and Queens which He has raised and blessed to be a blessing, unfortunately, have a long, unending and undefined list of criteria and those in need of their aid sadly never mount up to their ‘standard.’

On that particular Sunday morning, He asked me very simply to help His people make their dreams come true…

This was OUR HEAVENLY FATHER’S “Father’s Day” wish – addressed to me… So, HOW can I ever deny Him after He has not denied me in giving me His Best?


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