Project 1: Sono Family

Lucas and Elizabeth Sono

We met this couple while we were in fuul-time ministry in Little Falls Christian Church. We would pick them up and take them to church on Sundays. We regulary ministered to them, and soon realized that they had a dream to re-commit themselves in marriage, having a proper ceremony with all the bells-and-whistles. Many times the children would ask them why they did not have any wedding pictures? They were married and were very poor at that stage. She did not have a wedding dress, no rings and no proper reception. Lucas battled to get a job and they were very dis-hearted at that stage. The ladies in Christa’s womens group went to action. They were going to make this dream come true. God provided brand new wedding dress, diamond and gold wedding rings, and even smart clothes for the children. Lucas had just recently lost his job as he could not get shoes to fit him. Ons the wedding day, God provided 7 pairs of number 16 shoes to fit him. Awsome!





Pictures: Lucas and Elizabeth doing their vows, The family with some invited guests, The ladies that made it happen


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